Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Get cool chic image with Bob Marley Clothing

Bob Marley t-shirts
Brothers are very irritating at times, especially when you go shopping with them and all they have to say is they don’t like anything. It was last Sunday when my brother and I went shopping together and he wasted the entire time in visiting each store and did not like anything!

After much research and store visits, I felt annoyed and asked him to leave. He was blank on my statement and started staring at my face point blank. I pulled his hand and entered a shop that had all stuffs for boys from lowers to shirts and t-shirts to blazers. He started looking for t-shirts and picked up few in his hand and approached me. Those were Bob Marley t-shirts with cool graphics on them. I liked them and asked him to try one. He looked cool and chic in that t-shirt. We searched the entire Bob Marley India range and picked up four t-shirts for him.

The range of Bob Marley Apparel was exactly my bro’s type and now I realised what he liked. He was very happy to buy those t-shirts and called up his friend to deliver him the news of his new purchase. His friend came that very evening to check out his shopping list. He also liked those t-shirts and asked him to accompany him to that shop so that he can also have a great buy experience. Such are boys and their unusual likings!


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