Monday, 8 October 2012

Angry Birds Craze!

Since the launch of the game Angry Birds in 2009, fans have seen the bird icons appear in the form of stuffed toys and on the wallpaper, wall hangings, cake toppers, t-shirts, footwear, etc. You must have noticed, most of the people playing angry birds while travelling via a metro, waiting for the movie ticket queue, and many other places. Not even kids and youngsters, even adults are crazy about this game. They all enjoy playing it all the time whenever they have time. Above all, many kids love to wear angry birdt-shirt, shoes, hair accessories. Moreover, they prefer to carry school bag, lunch box, pencil box that has the bird icon. Today’s kids are crazy about this game, and most of them love to collect cards with various different icons. Not even youngsters and kids; you must have noticed many adults wearing angry bird T-shirts on Fridays.
In a very short span, the game becomes quite popular among kids, teenagers as well as adults. For kids and teenagers it's a nice source of entertainment, while for adults it’s more like a stress buster. You can entertain yourself as well as relieve stress with this entraining game. This game is one of the best sources of entertainment for kids, youngsters and adults. In addition to this, kids look cute in angry bird T-shirt while adults feel more youthful in angry bird tees.

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