Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The T-shirts collection!

Do you have a collection? A collection of t-shirts, which includes all styles, colors, funky quotations, cartoon graphics, and more for your fashion wear. I have it, and I am sure you have it as well, probably you just never noticed. Wait! Do not just rush to check it, let me finish first.
I started shopping for t-shirts since the time Preity Zinta wore short tees in the movie Dil Hai Tumhara. I totally loved the styles and kind of t-shirts she wore. I went crazy about them and went to shop with mom. I checked out Karol Bagh and Kamla Nagar, and got amazing collection there. I did not check out any brand as I wanted to buy quite a lot of them but during that time brands were a little costly as compared to today. I picked all the colors, which has different styles, prints and the catchy lines. All my friends asked me about those t-shirt and told them about all the shops where I went to buy them.
T-shirts are my favorite as I get a lot of comfort and enjoy the airy feel which I get even during the summers. I do not pack my t-shirts during the winters rather I make such combinations that my t-shirts become a must have for that particular outfit. Till date I buy t-shirts because there is more variety in them plus I often wear tees than shirts or tops. You can also buy t-shirts online because you get everything there at affordable prices. 

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