Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Polo t-shirts!

One clothing item that has become a staple in the wardrobe of most men is a polo t-shirt. These tees come in varied colors or all colors that you can imagine and help anyone get a cool look, almost instantly. To make yourself look fab, all you need is a stylish polo tee. Polo forms the basic part of casual business wear. Hence, one can flaunt them at work along with common casual events. Wear them under a jacket in professional settings and for more casual events, lose the outer layers. Some stylish ways to wear polo tees are listed below:

1)     When you are wearing a polo tee in professional settings, it’s advisable to tuck in to look dressy. You need not to tuck in your polo tee with shorts and denim pants.
2)     Choose a right size to accentuate your personality. Many people believe that loose polo tees look good but too big t-shirts would make you look a bit sloppy. So, select a right size to create an impact.
     3)    To get a fresh formal look, wear a contrasting polo tee under your jacket or suit coats. Remember to keep the collar inside the lapels to make a serious statement at work.

These are some ways to wear your polo tees to look fashionable always. Try wearing your polo tee in a different style to make an impression. Choose nice colors that befit your personal taste and occasion.

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