Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tees with different neck styles!

T-shirts have become the most favorite apparel among the new generation girls and boys. No other garment can beat the comfort and style that a tee provides to the wearer. Stylish prints and a variety of fabrics in which tees come make them a right choice for everyone. Just like boys, girls also love to flaunt their easy-to-go attitude by wearing comfortable and stylish tees. However other than prints and fabrics, neck styles too define the various styles of t-shirts. I have listed some basic neck types that are commonly worn by all of us. Have a look at them:

V-neck t-shirts: V-neck t-shirts are highly famous as they help the wearer to get a balanced look.This neck style is best suited for pear or apple body type, as it draws more attention to the neck and face. V-neck tees can be worn over skirts or jeans.

Crew-neck t-shirt: This neck style suits almost all body types or I can say that it is the safest choice for girls fashion wise.To get a cool look, crew neck t-shirt should be paired with shorts and denims.

Boat-neck t-shirt: Boat neck t-shirt is a good choice as it can be worn as formal wear or as semi-formal wear.This style of neck highlights the shoulders and makes a great pairing with trousers, denims, and capris.

Scoop-neck t-shirt: Scoop neck is basically a crew neck t-shirt,but with a wider cut at the front. This style of t-shirt accentuates the neck. Scoop neck t-shirts are a good choice for those who have a broader bust and waist as it gives a slimming effect to the wearer. 

These are some different styles of tees that you can try, but pick a style that suits your body type.

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